Smarter Balanced Rough (Unmatched) Cohort

This report shows the achievement of students (unmatched) across grade and time (e.g., Grade 3 in 2016- 17 to Grade 4 in 2017-18 to Grade 5 in 2018-19 to Grade 7 in 2020-21 and to Grade 8 in 2021-22). The measure used to track this change is the average Smarter Balanced scale score. To provide a reference for interpretation, the average scale score is plotted on a chart that displays the Smarter Balanced achievement levels for all grades 3 through 8. This report can allow you to compare the trend in achievement of groups of students (grouped into estimated graduating classes) during different time periods (e.g., pre-pandemic vs through-pandemic). See FAQ/Report Notes for additional information.

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