Grant Expenditures

Additional Reports 2016-17 and Earlier: Total Annual Expenditures by Type | Revenue Sources | Per Pupil Expenditures | Special Education Expenditures

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Important Points of Note:
  • Not all districts/organizations are eligible for all grant opportunities.
  • State and Federal grant funds are typically designated for specific purposes by law and cannot be put toward unauthorized uses. For additional information about the planned uses of the grant funds, please see the instructions for public access the district/organization’s applications in the electronic grant management system.
  • A Grant Balance does not mean that the district/organization does not have a planned use for the funds. Grant funds are only awarded once the application, including a budget, have been approved.
  • Funds are paid out on a reimbursement basis, and each district/organization has its own timing for seeking reimbursement based on local cash flow needs.
  • Please contact the district/organization for any specific questions.