Kindergarten - Grade 3

PreKindergarten Experience

The spreadsheet linked below provides annual district-level percentages of kindergarteners with a prekindergarten experience. The calculation for these percentages is the number of kindergarteners reported as having a prekindergarten experience divided by the total number of kindergarten students reported as of October 1. These data are reported to the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) by the school districts. Due to smaller enrollments, some smaller districts experience large shifts in the percentage of kindergarteners with a prekindergarten experience. For this reason, caution should be exercised with the use of these data.

Kindergarten Entrance Inventory

Kindergarten teachers utilize the kindergarten entrance inventory (KEI) to rate the skills of each entering student on six learning domains: language; literacy; numeracy; physical/motor; creative/aesthetic; and personal/social. For each domain, the teacher classifies the student in one of three performance levels which denotes if a student requires substantial instructional support (Level 1), some support (Level 2) or minimal support (Level 3), in that particular area.

Research-based Universal Screening Reading Assessments for Grades K-3

In February 2023, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 10-14t, the Connecticut State Board of Education approved the Acadience RAN, Acadience Reading (formerly DIBELS Next), aimswebPlus RAN, Amira Learning, DIBELS 6th Edition, mCLASS RAN, and mCLASS Vocabulary reading assessments to comprise the Approved Menu of Research-based Grades K-3 Universal Reading Assessments for use by school districts, beginning with the 2023-24 school year, for the purpose of universal screening for reading of the entire K-3 student population. If data from these assessments are collected, the CSDE will make them available. Please note that NWEA Map Growth, STAR, and I-Ready will be removed from the approved menu beginning with 2023-24 school year. Legacy K-3 reading assessment data for priority school districts only for the 2015-16 K-3 Reading Assessment Results (.xlsx) are available.